60-Day Guarantee – “We guarantee it works, if you guarantee you use it.”
iService guarantees a 20% service sales increase and save 10 minutes per RO. iService will refund 100% of the Startup Fee and Monthly Subscription Fees paid for the first 60 days after activation. iService will also reimburse the cost of the Device(s), as long as they are returned in normal, working condition. In order to exercise the “60-day Guarantee”, I acknowledge that I must provide written notice of cancellation to iService to accounts@iserviceauto.com before the 60th day after the installation date. In addition, during that 60-day period the Dealer must create iService videos for at least 80% (eighty-percent) of all repair orders including customer pay, warranty and internal, whereas the 80% calculation will be calculated by iService after the close of the 60th day for the preceding 60 calendar days. I will provide any information necessary to iService in order for iService to calculate the 80% threshold.

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